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  1. http://www.custom-boots.net/ or http://www.ebay.nl/itm/Engineer-22-inches-shafts-heavy-leather-custom-made-to-order-any-size-men-or-w-/311313578464
  2. I am sorry; much to short notice. Saw this two weeks later. And I prefer a friday, Around noon for lunch. May be we/I should send p.m. to all near Amsterdam
  3. shall we give it a second try? In 2 month time? heelinf
  4. I am following this thread since it was started. Just asking myself, would proposing place and date for a meet have positive effect. There are in my opinion no special places related to wearing heels; you wear them or you don't. Meet Friday the 26th of July, lunch at Grandcafe l'Opera Rembrandplein round 12.30 u.? anybody joining me? regards Heelin'F
  5. no problem there, I have been wearing heels in Dublin, Ennis, Kenmare, Limmerick and so on HeelinF
  6. yes and no, I mean, I wear whatever I have on, not taking my heels out just to visit HHP HeelinF
  7. voted yes, because I wear eu38/uk5, lucky me! HeelinF
  8. Just won on eBay a pair of Kurt Geiger ankle boots with 11 cm bloc heel. How do I post a picture or a link? HeelinF
  9. I voted no, but I do play with the idea; just like trying sandels - never did that. Just boot and shoes that cover my toes. HeelingF
  10. congratulations, normale nobody wil say anything, certainly not direct to you. Even my neighbours do not say a single word. A few weeks ago I wore 5 inch black boots with 3/4 inch platform - partly hidden under pants - and we just talked about holidays, the childeren andso on. Not a single word about my heels, that were sertainly in view. HeelinF
  11. I often asked myself what to. Once - being less confident, like nowadays - I entered a store, where didn't to go in. More recent, wearing my Krt Geiger tan overknee boots with skinny jeans, It happend me twice that someone pointed her iPhone to me and my boots. I kind of enjoyed that. In both occasions I looked up from what I was doing, smiled and they lookes away. Great HeelinF
  12. Yes, a few years. She could not talk about it. So couldn't I. It took a few years to get her used to the idea that I wear heels and still are the same man/husband and for all not being gay. HeelinF
  13. I voted 21-30 yrs, because I bought my first pair of high heeled boots when I was 25. Tried my mothers shoes a few time being in my teens. Only once or twice, afraid to be caught. Well, how things have changed. I wear my heels - partly covered bij jeans - visiting my parents nowadays. HeelinF
  14. I voted: Yes,approves and tolerates. But approval took some years and tolerating to wear them in front of her some years more. She now even takes holiday snapshots, not avoiding my heels and/or boots over jeans. HeelinF
  15. Hello All, I am not realy new, but could not log in with my former user name Heelin'F Anyway I am from the centre of the Netherland and wear heels for many years now. Mostly partly covered but more recently I sometime dare to wear high heeled (overknee) boots wih the pants in. Hope to post more often, happy heeling HeelinF
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