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  1. Just wandering how long did it take to find her
  2. I need to go to Chicago this summer for a week end meeting and I hope that this is happening
  3. I really like those heels but in the Dakotas we are getting more snow it would be hard to push the snowblower in 6" heels
  4. I think that I have worn a pair of 4" pumps or boots to Cosco at least 2 doz times and have never had a problem I uasally wear boot cut jeans but about 1" of the heel is noticed
  5. She did not have any problem at all and thank you about the boots. I bought them a couple of years ago from payless
  6. I went shopping at Payless and had the SA take a couple of pics she had no problem doing it. I did buy the pumps as they were on sale for just $12.00. I have never saw this sales girl befor and asked if she was new. She replied that she was and had just started 3 weeks ago. I asked than if she had another male buy heels she responded that I was the second one but the first one just came in took the shoes and paid with out trying them on and left quickly. She than asked if I was Jerry? I said yes and that the manager told her that I stop in often and look and buy heelssorry about posting it twice the next photo is the pair that I had on when I went in
  7. I stopped by my local Payless store and found these for $12.00 it was also my first time out with my blue jean skirt
  8. I also wear heels more in the cooler months. As most of my heels are boots or pumps and I wear them with boot cut jeans or dress slacks during the summer I usually wear shorts and have only worn pumps a few times
  9. I just bought a pair of 5" open toe heels. I uasally don't wear open toe heels but I really like this style. I did put on nail polish to match I might need to do this look again. But not todAy as we are in a winter storm warning now and have 3" if the new stuff on the ground
  10. If you want those they are on line only and there is only 34 pairs in the system in size 13
  11. They are Annie. They are going to be nice during the winter as they have nice lining I'm going to wear them out today and see as it is 15 deg today
  12. I just bought these from Zappos they are easy to walk in as the heel is just 3" Did not get the photo Did not get the photo
  13. The test came up 30% flats and only 2% heels not even close for me
  14. I just bought the jasmine oxfords I went there wearing a pair of 3" booties I ordered them at the store and the SA called me when they arrived. She went back and brought them out and was with me trying them on. I have never had a problem there while there with them on I checked out several other heels.
  15. jerbare

    My 014 Outings

    You can't wear white after Labor Day . Oh but our friends up north it is ok.
  16. I also like some toe cleavage. I do agree the first one is better
  17. I have been thinking about this for a while. I never go shoe shopping without a pair of heels on. They might be pumps or 5" stellots boots or 3" booties but I always have on a pair of heels. I find that the SA is more open and helpful when they see the heels. I know from the past times that I have shopped at Payless when I stop they remark about my heels and some new ones that I might like. Well today they called about a new pair that I ordered came in. I changed twice to get the look to fit with the shoes. Attached is the pair that I recived and what I was wearing to get them. The new pair are 5" Oxfords I really like the style and have 8 different pair. The one that I wore are a bootie that I also have in at least 6 different styles
  18. I do like the red ones. I have 10 or more heels like that
  19. I just went to our mall to get a pair of earrings fixed at Kay's and then walked around dicks sporting looking for some 22 ammo wearing a pair of 4" heels
  20. jerbare


    No suggestions but enjoy the pumps. I have them in 4 different colors. I wear them often
  21. jerbare


    I did spend a little time with a pair of black ones with jeans to the bank and a gas station. I usually spend a couple of hours a day in heels
  22. jerbare


    The fawn or nude what ever they call it with tan dockers
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