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  1. With gas in California over $6 and heading to $7 a gallon, go ahead and have him fix it up for you for your commute machine. You will save some $$.
  2. You guys are so lucky to be able to wear sandals in public. It's closed toes for me only, even for men's shoes. My toenails are so hideous they have been declared super fund sites.
  3. Sounds like some sort of obscure bureaucratic office buried in the bowels of the US Department of Commerce that creates these so- called holidays.
  4. Shaquille O'Neill in heels? That would make an interesting nightmare. I don't think he would or could wear heels even for a 'Walk a Mile in Her Heels' event.
  5. Putin is a czar in all but his official tittle. Czars were said to be all powerful, answerable only to God. Since Putin is known to be an atheist, so he is answerable to nobody. He will never take the title of czar because he remembers what happened to Nicolas the last one.
  6. Maybe so but try pulling a dent out of one of them. You got to replace the entire panel. Metal, just a mallet and a couple of suction cups a lick of paint and you're done.
  7. With all of this technical engineering about shoe heels, it makes me wonder are Chrisitan Louboutin and Jimmy Choo artists masquerading as engineers or engineers masquerading as artists?
  8. It's almost February 2022. Who is the winner of this contest of 2021?
  9. It all depends on the kind of town or county you are in. If you are in a Bible belt, redneck town, the prosecutor will drop you in a heartbeat. In San Francisco, nobody cares what kind of shoes or clothing you wear so long as it's not too outlandish.
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