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  1. The good old ones are long gone and most of new ones are like the second act of a very bad play- not worth the cost of admission and not for my budget.
  2. It seems like the quality of the materials and the workmanship has changed for the worse over the years and my shoes do not last half as long as similar ones did in the past.
  3. Going to the Goodwill store is like going on an Easter egg hunt. You never know what you will find there.
  4. This contest is looking like Groundhog Day. It does not know when to end.
  5. 5150PLB1

    Clear Heels

    I think the biggest drawback to clear/ plastic shoes is that they don't 'breath' like leather or cloth shoes and cause the feet to sweat more than usual, making your feet uncomfortable.
  6. Putin and company are already too late. The ghetto kids in Watts, East Palo Alto and Oakland have already succeeded in screwing up the English language years ago.
  7. The 'expert analyst' can prove anything with statistics and surveys. It's just a matter of how they word their questions for them to get the answers they want to hear and to put those answers out as facts or so called truth.
  8. Some of the roads in my area would make excellent tank traps. If the Russian army ever comes this way they would be stuck in rush hour gridlock or the roads themselves would defeat them.
  9. With out a deadline, how will you know when it is time to print the paper? There are more than plenty of entries to be judged. It is quite clear that some of the entries will not make it past the first round. However, there are plenty of other entries that merit being in the final four.
  10. This contest has been going on since January. Has anyone set a closing date for entries? With so many great pictures, a multiway tie is likely. Perhaps our fearless leader Tech should be the tiebreaker and decide the ultimate winner.
  11. Hopefully it was not Lae, Papua New Guinea. I have been there my self, and that place is an absolute dump.
  12. A shoe with what looks like Legos for the heels??? I hope that does not go main stream fashion.
  13. The first picture, the guys with the hats, look like a bunch of Harry Potter clones that escaped from a tacky golf course.
  14. Hairy legs with a kilt is appropriate if you are in a Highland infantry regiment like the Back Watch or the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders, but then again you would be wearing combat boots, and all of your mates would also have hairy legs.
  15. Spikemike probably has the same problem I have with open toed shoes. My toe nails are total disaster areas and are cringe worthy to look at and need to be kept hidden.
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