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  1. Reminds me of late 1970's men's disco platform shoes.
  2. With a pair of the smooth soled slippers on the left, you can turn your indoor polished hardwood or linoleum floors into a skating rink.
  3. Crocks, Uggs and Birkenstocks all share the same hideous DNA that is too ugly to go extinct.
  4. Helen? She is worth launching a thousand ships.
  5. Yes I am a veteran and have served in the Persian Gulf before the Gulf wars on a destroyer. Back in the day I did have an incompetent female CO at shore duty station who did wear heels.
  6. If a military commander wishes to deceive his opponent as to his intentions, he enhances his opponent's perception of the situation and hides the reality of the situation. One of the basic tenants put forth in Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War'.
  7. Back in 74 my junior high school social studies teacher would have a TV in the class for the students to watch the Watergate hearings live. We also had to write papers on it also. That was not a boring history/ social studies class- we were seeing history being made.
  8. Yes the 70's was a crappy decade in the US- Vietnam War, Richard Nixon, Watergate, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. Awful fashion that only started to change in 77. My junior high and high school years.
  9. Sizing by designers and manufacturers seems to be a form of Voodoo science, with the practitioners of the art unable to make up their minds on how to standardize it.
  10. It's like 'Thing' from the Addams Family decided to grow a body.
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