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  1. I though the best kind of fertilizer for potted shoes was Kiwi Shoe Polish.
  2. Ukrainian budget airline? Write your will and make certain your life insurance payments are up to date, before you board their Soviet era ex Aeroflot plane.
  3. There are several places where you can find heels with spurs on the web. Fetish/ dominatrix sites that are not PG-13 like this one.
  4. I can understand why medical professionals and food manufacturing plant employees like to wear Crocs- slip resistant and easy to clean after use in a messy environment. But never as street wear.
  5. Just convert the garage into your shoe closet. When you run out of room there, dig a basement and add an attic.
  6. Back then it was the ladies who hid their legs under long dresses, and admired the men's legs in their tights.
  7. If only we knew back in the days when we were crazy kids that some of our sister's Barbie Dolls, their shoes and outfits would be worth a small fortune to collectors when we became mature adults.
  8. Then you go into Scotland and their 'English' is barely understandable. Try reading Robert Burns as he originally wrote his poems.
  9. This entire mater of humans wearing shoes will require the intense study by sociology and philosophy professors, take decades to work out, and produce results that are unintelligible to ordinary mortals.
  10. Reminds me of late 70's disco clunkers.
  11. Killing the varmint with that size of a cannon doesn't leave much to eat on it.
  12. Reminds me of late 1970's men's disco platform shoes.
  13. With a pair of the smooth soled slippers on the left, you can turn your indoor polished hardwood or linoleum floors into a skating rink.
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