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  1. New Fluevog Pumps (Hot)

    Excellent looking men's pumps. Specially love the red/grey/black color combo.
  2. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Okay, one more message. This one's for you FashionableFun. I cant find it but i do recall that you'd become inspired recently to do some more photo shoots. Your style totally rocks and I can't wait to see some more of your great photography of fashionable 'guy looks' in heels. All four of you really inspire me. Others do as well, but we'll leave that for another set of posts. SP
  3. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Max! Great looks, same as my last 2 posts, showing the public that there is a look out there that need not be weird, but rather very fashionable for guys. From a nearby canadian member, way to go! Keep it up. You are also a great inspiration. SP
  4. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Hey Heel-lover I really like the outfits that you put together. I envy your ability to get out there in these looks. What kind of response do you get when you wear these. Seems to me I read somewhere that you wear these to your work. Certainly the looks are very professional. More great looks that also justify the 'guys can look great when fashion freestyling" statement that we would all like to share with society at large. Any more photo sets...? Very inspiring. SP
  5. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Wow, Heelius. What a great looking ensemble. Totally a fashionable 'guy in heels' look. This shot really strikes me as a very passable, fun, aggressive and 'I'm cool with myself' look. If you're on the street in this look, the heads turning should be thinking 'heels for guys look great'. Any other shots like this would really be appreciated as they easily provide justification 'to wear heels as a guy fashion.' Can you tell us about the evening out...or is that in another thread that I've missed? SP
  6. Jeans In Boots: The Current Fashion Craze

    Hey FashionableFun Glad to see some more of your images. I thought possibly so many good comments after your last major installment (images 1-14?) might have seemed too high profile all of a sudden and scared you off, and that would have been a shame. Thanks for the great images. Well shot, well dressed and very well coordinated. You and kneehighs originally inspired me to get into street healing again, and living in a large center, I have been able to get out this past several months. Even ran into some people I know and managed, with my heart in my throat, to get through it. Of course, nobody said anything and, I suspect, didnt even notice. Wearing some tan western style block heels under jeans (about 3.5" western block heel) in a retail location. Several people have looked up as i walked by as the heels are somewhat loud. Also I had bought some Mary Janes and they showed up one size too large. Found a local shop to return them to and they happened to have the one size smaller and it was an easy exchange. I put them on immediately and wandered around other shops, during the day, feeling very comfortable. I actually want to get out there, want others to see new fashion ideas, just not comfortable with having people who know me see them. How can we get past the stigma, in our own minds, as well as in others minds. Guys like Rui, companies like Comfilon, need to create a large enough public presence to let the general public know that new fashion attitudes are ok. Also would allow us to point at the advertising, news footage, talk show appearances, etc and say to others 'see, its normal'. It is amazing what people will accept if it is in print or in the media. Sorry, off topic...love the jeans IN boots look on women, as well as the 'appropriate' fashion sense that you display in these recent images but still too 'exposed' for me to participate personally at this point. Looking forward to more images, stories and inspiration.
  7. A Fashionably Fun Collection

    fashionablefun, these shots and combinations are a great inspiration. between your shots and stories and kneehighs shots and stories, i've gotton up the nerve to actually go street heeling again. I have done so numerous times in past years but always feeling as though all eyes were on my footwear. you're all correct that noone seems to know or care, although i almost ran into a friend recently,in broad daylight, while wearing a pair of midheel height, stiletto heeled black ankle boots with a subtle very thin strap detail across the vamp, who would have noticed right away. i will try to figure out how to add an image, as this is my first attempt at posting a reply. but to get to the point, i am waiting, with high hopes for more of your fabulous images. thanks for your inspiration to date.