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  1. Hey, pumplover!. . . I think that what you're looking for maybe the "sandalfoot" hose but I'm not too sure of you're defination of "smooth all the all around?" I hope that I was or can be of some hope to you?. .. . "Hose & Heels, 4Ever!" Jay
  2. Hey, Webhawk!. . . Really nice going with the reissue of the vintage heels!. . . I would have loved to see how the looked, worn with some vintage back steamed typed hose!. . . I hope that you'll get more pix!. . . . "Hose & Heels, 4Ever!" Jay
  3. Yep, That just about covers it! Lol. . . . jay_nyca1 "Hose & Heelz, 4ever!"
  4. Hmmm, That's some very nice classic pix!. . . And you're right!. . . They certainly don't make shoes like those, anymore!. . . . Thanks for postin' those pix!. . . jay_nyca1 "Hose & Heels, 4Ever!"
  5. Yes, Thanks Tahira!. . . Those are some really nice pix of Dita!. . . jay_nyca1 "Hose & Heelz, 4Ever!"
  6. Yeah, I also am a huge fan of the back seamed stocking, and I don't think that you can beat the contrasting hose and back seam look!. .. . I'm glad that there are places on line where you can still get them. And naturally, the best way that they should be worn is with a nice pair of high heeled pumps and a knee length or slight above the knee length skirt or dress!. . . . jay_nyca1 "Stockings & Stillettos, 4Ever!"
  7. Hmmm, I have seen it done but not together, most girls nowadays thinks that such things like stockings and such hosiery are either "old fashioned" or for "hookers & call girls" and don't want to wear them or were never brought up and tought to wear them because their mothers and older sisters and alike didn't wear them and most likely didn't know how to or they didn't think that it was fashionable enough to wear such things!. I have seen on several different occasions heels being worn but they were mostly of the more modern styles, and naturally they were being worn without any kind of ho
  8. Yeah, I love the classic look, too, but I'm more into the skirts and dress, though!. . . jay_nyca1 "Hose & Heelz, 4Ever!" Hmmm, Yes, there's something about a nice pair of pantyhose!. . . .I can go with either sheer to waist or control top, or even the ones with the tummy control!. . . jay_nyca1 "Hose & Heelz, 4ever!" Hmmm, I love the bras and panties, dress slips & of course, and any kind of shapewear like corsets and girdles, and hosiery, too, either modern pantyhose or vintage style stockings, and the shoes, high heels, of course and I'm split betw
  9. Oh, Yes!. . . There's nothing like the opening of a new pair of hosiery!. . . To me it's almost like opening a birthday or a Christmas present!. . . Especially so with the hose of better quality or if you should happen to find a pair of vintage stockings still in the box or package!. . . . jay_nyca1 "Hose & Heels, 4Ever!"
  10. Hmmm, I really do love the foundations, shapewear, lingerie, hosiery and of course the shoes, High heels, of course, nothing under 3 inches! Either pumps or sandals. . . Some of the clothes are nice but to me it's more about the things underneath than more of the clothes but I do like them. I really split on whether if I prefer the more modern things or the classic vintage items, I'll say that I do like both. jay_nyca1 "Stockings & Stillettos, 4ever!"
  11. Hmmm, Yeah, and black you can wear it with just about anything, and especially so, on iffy days where you're not so sure about the weather, and it's perfect for day to evening, too!. . . jay_nyca1 "Hose & Heels, 4ever!"
  12. Hmmm, now that sounds like "my kinda gal!" jay_nyca1 Hose & Heels 4Ever!" Yeah, that's a nice combination, great for evening wear, but I also like the nude/suntan color back seamed hose with a nice pair of kidskin pumps (or court shoes, as they're called in the UK). And if you're really lucky, maybe a pair of slingbacks!. . . . jay_nyca1 "Hose & Heels, 4Ever!" Hmmmm, Now your singin' my song!. . . Classic pumps and RHT stockings are a hard combo to beat if you ask me!. . jay_nyca1 "Hose & Heels, 4Ever!" Yeah!. . . N
  13. "Hmmmm, I love what's she's wearing!. . . What an outfit!" jay_nyca1 "Hose & Heels, 4Ever!" "Yeah!. . . What a gorgeous dress & shoes! And who said the fifties was boring!. . . " jay_nyca1 "Hose & Heels, 4Ever!" Yes, Dita is a lovely woman and I'm personally glad that she's around and she's keeping that whole image and style of the glamour look of the Fifties!. . . Naturally, there can never be another 'Betty Page' but I do feel that Dita has her own style and take on that wonderful era of the 1950's. jay_nyca1 "Stockings &
  14. Thanks for all your replies, everyone!. . . I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that knows about "Spring o laters" and simular type of shoes!. . . . "jay_nyca1" "Hose & Heels, 4 Ever!"
  15. Shrimper, Awww that's too bad, about women with the tattoos and piercings, some of them aren't too bad, if it's done right and tastefully. And you'll never know, she just might be also "into our little hobby of ours" too!. . . . . jay_nyca1 "Hose & Heels, 4ever!"
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