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  1. Hey there.

    I really like your pictures today.

    I have been getting about in heels today... with a new pair of leggins.

    Coincidentally, looking at your headline picture here, mine have some similarities !

    I'm inspired.

    Next time i'm in Sydney I think I will be heading out in public.


    old shoes, new pants..jpg

    1. joshure


      Thanks for your like

      I have seen they are Nine West , Tatiana. Just got off the Nine west Site. I think i almost went berserk when I saw how many variations of these beautiful pumps there are available.



    2. northshoreguy1981


      That's quite a stylish look -and I love the Mary Janes!

      Strapped in a ready to go! :)

      I do have the Tatiana in black and have been considering black patent as well. I also have the Leandra ankle boot which looks similar to Tatiana.

      Urge to buy rising!

    3. joshure


      Yes. Love the straps !

      You are a lucky one. Size 10 1/2 would make it a little easier to buy ones that fit well.

      I'm between 11 and 12 and often buy your size hoping they run large or will stretch, often not the case.

      I'm impressed that you head out and try yours on in store.

      There was a fashion show on SBS a few years back, I think Lee Lin Chin hosted it. One designer said...'you can never have too many stilettos'  I like her !

      Then there is the fact that less is more.

      Where is the balance...is there such a thing ....... 'Urge Rules'




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