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    https://byte.co/b/HszOrMmiVdG Got new boots coming in at 4.5 inches high. From JustFab but they're an Ebay find.
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    Bought these Pleaser Vanity-2013 boots from Poshmark Friday night, they showed up today! Ill get more pics up tomorrow!
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    What an interesting thread. Also comforting, knowing there are so many of us out there, that cannot enjoy the freedom of heeling. I think is pretty clear why - 1) jealousy (and that might be why your GF is ok with you heeling - because as you say, she can strut her stuff!) 2) thoughts/fears about one being gay, as @Pierre1961 mentioned above. and finally - 3) I think anything "off center" will often rock someone's boat, especially, is that someone is someone close to you, and might be in the position of having to depend you (to friends, family, members of the community etc)
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    Reading this thread has been somewhat of an eye opener for me. Maybe I was blind but I thought that many of the men on here wore heels daily like I do. My heart goes out to you guys that have to snatch whatever time you can find to wear your heels. It should not be that way. As for my situation, my girlfriend is okay with me wearing heels and will even go out in public with me if we are out of this area where people she knows or church people would see us. She is concerned about having people she knows around here gossiping about me wearing heels. Still it is better than what I have read in this thread. I also wear my heels all day, everyday such as to work, to shop, etc. Now I do not wear bold heels or extreme heels. My heels are pretty conservative in color and design. My heels usually range from 4" to 5" heels with some having platforms. I do not wear women's clothing, though I do have some women's skinny jeans as they fit me a bit better than men's skinny jeans and go better with boots. I do not know why spouses or girlfriends are so resistant to their man wearing heels? As long as there man can carry himself well in heels, can match his heels to his clothes, he should be okay. Maybe they are threatened by a guy being able to wear heels. I would not think my girlfriend has that issue as she can strut in some seriously high heels! Maybe it is their not wanting to have people gossiping about their man wearing heels. Look at it like this, we don't get upset when our better half wears a man's shirt, jeans, etc. Seems like a double standard here. Good luck to those of us that have to wear our heels when the time presents itself. Maybe with the passage of time, more and more of society will accept and embrace men wearing heels out in public. We can at least dream... Ciao!
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    It is good to have an understanding wife / girlfriend. I do and it is great. The wife and I have been wearing heels together for many years. Be honest and up front with each other, you won't regret it. Here's a pic of the wife and I.... Have fun.... sf
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    Alright, I'll use this forum for some self-reflection in an effort to get these thoughts out of my head. Am very very frustrated, at the inability to find the time to relax, and enjoy just being myself. Between work, kids, clubs, and family in general, I barely have any time to "just be". My wife knows about the heels, and she's OK with it, but not supportive. I'm grateful for at least that. But between all the other commitments, where heels are a no-go, I find that I can wear them for only a few hours a week, usually at home. Maybe take a short trip to a coffee shop once a week if I plan things carefully and have work that I can do there, and not at work. This obsession is driving me somewhat crazy, and the desire to wear these, and dress accordingly (jeans, sweater, jacket & heels - with stubble on my face, so not even trying to look lady-like) is super strong. This all ends up in frustration. Day in, day out. Been thinking about trying to push the boundaries a bit at work, but right now is not the proper time for this, perhaps in a year or so. Often frustration turns to anger, at really wanting to do something, but the inability to do it. Maybe I should discuss this with my wife, ask for her help, and try to go out, alone, a bit more often. Today, at a store, me not wearing heels, I saw a woman dressed like I aspire to, with towering heels. Although it was only a brief glimpse, envy kicked in. *That's* what I want to do. Is anyone content with what they're doing, vs. what they would like to do? Feeling a bit better. Venting over...
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    I worked at a newspaper once where one of the subeditors made a mock-up poster with a grotesque darkly humorous shock-horror headline about a real, on-going high profile trial. He made the poster to take to a party, for a laugh, but left it on the printer. It was then printed up, for real, by the printers and distributed throughout the city. I remember seeing it on a street corner the next morning as I got off the train to come into work and just standing there, dumbfounded. But I was nowhere near as dumbfounded as the chap who did it...
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    The headline: "Nuts screws washers and bolts" may well be apocryphal. Writing headlines for tabloid papers is a highly skilled job. Though as Shyheels has found, the "quality" press has its moments too.
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    Agreed. I have more women’s 7 for all Mankind and Express jeans and jeggings. The fit is better and they are much softer.
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    And of course there was the Blackberry And Fruit of The Loom
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    If you use fruity computers you'll get greengrocers' apostrophes!
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    I went to a mini high school class reunion last night on the spur of the moment. There were only about a half dozen of us there, but there was one fellow I wanted to see in particular, whom I hadn't seen in over 30 years. Once upon a time, we used to be pretty good friends, but you know how life goes. We ate at a restaurant, then went to a bar afterwards. I was wearing my new-to-me American Eagle Outfitters striped sweater, skinny jeans, and my DVF olive green wedge clogs. Nobody commented on my shoes at all, I'm not sure anybody even noticed, given the lighting of the venue(s), but about half of the group already knew about my unusual footwear already. The reason why I'm even writing anything is because I got an unexpected compliment on my sweater by one of the female bartenders. She was in her early 20s by my estimate, and she was very insistent that she was sincere about her compliment, and wanted to know where I got it. I told her I got it on Poshmark, and that a guy my size had to be very creative to buy clothes that fit. I told her it was a women's sweater, and she thought that was cool. She couldn't see my shoes from behind the bar, so that didn't even enter into the equation. In case you're wondering, I am going to get a haircut tomorrow. It's time. Also, I kind of match the woman next to me, don't I?
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    I'm now divorced so I wear what I want, period. I started to wear heels while I was still married. After another reconstruction, I was looking for shoes that fit my strange feet and found that women's shoes fit better that any men's shoe ever did. That was 2010 and I have not bought any men's shoes since...its a waste of money to me. I bought some booties (1.5 inch heels) and started to wear them.. Never told the wife, I wanted to see if she even notice them. It took over 6 months before she noticed. By that time I had 5 pairs. Our relationship ended (not over heels). A few years later I discovered the benefits of high heels on my hips. Since we have two kids together, she will come over here ever so often. She has seen me in some of my heels, not all. But I will wear my knee high Jessica Simpson stilettos in front of her. She only had a few short heels and UGLY shoes. She's noisy, if she see's a shoe box she will open it to see what shoes I'm getting (so I leave empty one's laying around). She has even asked to borrow some of my nail polish, to which I tell her to get her own. I am in the process of looking for a girlfriend. I wear heels all the time and fingernails to envy. Very few women that say they are open minded really are. But I continue to look while in high heels and with fingernail color, because I want a woman that has enough confidence in herself that she doesn't feel threaten. If she doesn't accept me in heels now, I doubt she ever will.
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    here is a photo i snapped on my way to that club, in that long ago August: i had to go back to my journals to see if there was anything weird beyond those 2 lame guys at the other end of the bar that afternoon and yes: there were a few fun things along the way! i parked several blocks away from the club and had the butterflies yes, but not because of my totally exposed white 7.5 inch spike heels or the show all skin tight jeans, it was because of the Persian beauty! anyway the walk to the club: as always i stopped along the way to see my reflection in those store front windows and if i saw anything amusing lying on the sidewalk i stepped on it. there was a street festival happening and so i stopped to watch the scenes and that is when i snapped this photo. as i was sitting there, enjoying the street scenes, i of course noticed how many men and women were looking at not only my shoes but my jeans. one lady sat next to me and we struck up a conversation about the festival. she was heavy set, plain, about the same age as me, and very interested in my shoes! she asked where i bought them and were they hard to walk in, the usual stuff. then she said she was envious! she said if she had a slim body, the long hair and the super tan, she too would wear an outfit like mine. i have to admit i enjoyed hearing that! then she asked if she could take a picture of me and i said yes. she told me to lift my chin up and pose which i did. i would love to have a copy of that photo! there was an asian market on the corner with colourful displays of fruit and vegetables and i thought it would be nice if i brought along a gift of strawberries for my gal pal. i don't know about the rest of you guys but when you know you're being watched, you have to give them something to look at! and that is what i did as i walked over to the market. i saw she was watching me which of course was a turn on! i also saw there was about a half dozen strawberries lying on the sidewalk near the display and i made sure i casually stepped on all of them. it was fun knowing she was watching! after the market i walked over to the bar and waited for my Persian beauty. i wore those white high heels for about 8 hours that day! fun stuff!
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    I have been busy lately for a couple of reasons, one of which is that we've gone to 10 hour days at work recently, so I haven't had a lot of time to go out of the house, other than to work. The other reason is that we've been having sewer problems, which is affecting my shoes and clothes, as I keep them in the basement. Don't worry, nothing has gotten ruined, it's just that they are harder to access now, as I've piled other things out of harm's way until we get this problem resolved. As I have been spending more time at work, and my work is relatively physically easy, other than having to walk a lot, I am toying once again with the idea of getting a work boot with a bit of a heel on it. For several years, I've worn completely flat boots. So I've ordered these Timberland boots, and depending on what they actually seem like when I get them, I may wear them to work. Or I might return them. They are not really work boots, but given my situation right at the moment, it won't matter. It was rather difficult finding a pair of heeled boots without a side zip on them, which is a dead giveaway that it's not a work boot. They are supposed to come on Tuesday, so we'll see.
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    I’m back in Costa again tonight, quite busy here but nothing really to report in terms of comments or attention, got the brown cowgirl boots on again which I have to honest seem to be my preferred choice of boots at the moment very comfortable to wear all be it a little tricky to get on and off, I’ve included another photo to remind you all what they look like
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    These are FreeBird Blaze. Have a pair in brown and a pair in black. These are my Soda booties. I need to get new caps for my heels since I have worn these so much. Took them to England and Scotland. Madden Girl Krisis (motorcycle boots), Worn out one brown pair, have another brown and a black pair too.

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