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Not Jcs, But Something Close~



Hey, all.

I didn't know where else on the forums to post this, and I know it's been AGES since anything's been said from me but believe me. I have a very good reason for it. And one day, I'll update my personal blog with all the info you might want to know.

For now...

I'm hoping to get a potential buyer of my booties on eBay. I have a couple of bids in play already. Course, I think there could be a possible 'Buy-it-now' user somewhere here. They are some nice booties, size 11 that fits my size 12 feet, patterned brown spots, lace-up style, and only worn once, and only for around 15 minutes or so.

But it's better to just show you the item in question, right?

Well, VOILA!~

I'm selling for a multitude of reasons, one being that I already have a pair in a color I can better incorporate into my outfits. But someone else on here could probably put more work into them than I could, and I hope that's the case.

That said, happy bidding!~


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