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  1. I'm an avid collectionneur : books - mainly history, political and philosophical topics - discs - mainly heavy metal music - movies, magic the gathering cards and of course, heels.
  2. Really! Were you going there alone? How much is heeling a secret, do any of your friends or family members know about it?
  3. That would be daring. And very appropriate, in fact. Takes confidence, are you heeling out frequently? ... Years ago I did not wear heels while doing so. Afraid of stranger's eyes. Nowadays, I think I'd push myself out of my comfort zone and would probably wear some little wedge-type booties. These boots are quite subtle since they don't make the typical heel noise.
  4. I'm sure that your experience will be great. True pros won't matter which color on which feet and will treat each customer with due respect. Are you going to that store wearing heels?
  5. I had, one time, a few years ago. I don't think they were professionnal. They were courteous but the woman who took care of my feet hurt me (by cutting too deep one of my toe nail). She asked me like 3 times if I was sure about the color (i choose a deep blue). She did a poor job, in fact, and I never went to a pro pedicure since then. I did feel judged by the ladies, but none said a thing. There was a man waiting for his girl who was having a manucure, he looked at me several times with a strange look, if I reckon well, but overall it was because of the poor service and job that I never went for a pedicure again. Now my significant other and I take care of each other's feet.
  6. Newest pair!
  7. I find it very beautiful and eye catching. And nice choice of heels btw.
  8. Yup. Wearing my favorite knee-high Aldo leather boots.
  9. Wow! Love these heels! Especially the second pair. Very beautiful and elegant. And these 10 inches platform : wow! Sky-high.
  10. That night must have given you a great boost in confidence! Great boots by the way, you wore jeans that night?
  11. Hi folks, I received today my new pair of shoes, from Aldo. They feel quite good, and without a platform, i'm still not used to a heel that height. p.s. I wrote a review of the shoes on Aldo's Québec website. I suppose the review will soon be posted - first time I do that.
  12. Very nice boots! Are they hard to walk with?
  13. Following on the same "stream" of confidence, I just went for a walk to the store. There was no customer, the employee was in the backstore when I entered, so with the sound of the stiletto boots, she expected a woman at the counter. The cashier was a beautiful young girl, maybe 19 years old. I went to the register and asked her to verify if my loto tickets were winning. She soon after asked if I was wearing high heels and if I could show her. I immediately did so. She smiled and asked if I was new to this. She said that as last us men will know how can heel hurt. She somewhat did make fun of me but that was good spirited, and I joined on so I did not got "owned". When she saw my fingers (black nail polished) she said "oh the nails too? Do you get your legs waxed?" I said no, not for the moment but I consider it. I forgot to ask if I was the first man she ever saw in heels : a question I won't forgot to ask her next time I go there... in heels! I'm very proud of myself for taking these steps to just enjoy and wear heels. I did today what I would have been unable to do just a few weeks ago. My first outing went well and my first "confrontation" wasn't quite one. I'll continue to work on my "shield", because frankly, if 4-5 young teenagers had been there, I would surely have been laughed at.
  14. Hi fellow heel lovers, I feel like sharing a little of my life to you. For years I denied my attraction to high heels. Oh sure, girlfriends knew I loved women's feet and shoes : however I kept to myself the pleasure I also had wearing them. With ebay and secure internet shopping, I bought my first pair of heels several years ago : cheap plastic white stripper shoes. I really loved these, but eventually I just scrapped them. Two times in my life I denied my love for high heeled shoes and got rid of all pairs I had (4-5 in total maybe?). That was before. Recently I had a pretty rough time. Having sought professional help, I met a social worker who helps and listen to me. She is the first person I ever tell about my love for heels and my wearing them (but always just in my house or car). Today I had a meeting with Rita and had my ankle faux-leather boots. It was the second time in heels outside but I consider it my real first experience, as I got out of the car and was inside for more than an hour with my boots. I tried to choose clothes that were, let's say, a little more "androgynous" than just jeans, and had also my nails polished. I was feeling quite insecure, even though Rita knew. It felt really great : i'm relieved, as I was quite stressed! I'm in the process of telling my closed ones : sisters and brother, mom and eventually dad. Good friends will come to know as well. I guess I love pretty much all kind of heels, but the stilletto heeled boots I had on felt a little too feminine for now. I love too much heels to deny and hide this part of me anymore. I want to live and enjoy it! I keep on working. Thanks for reading me! I love this place, I'm so glad I found it. Pascal
  15. We are only six weeks away from what is beginning to shape up as a fun, well attended High Heel/Boot Meet in Toronto; Friday and Saturday September 10 & 11, 2010. See "Real Life Meetings thread, Toronto, ON Heel Meet Sept 10/11, 2010" for all the details. Hope to see many many of the North America members there! David