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  1. Nice flats, I would wear them in a minute.... Where did you get them???? sf
  2. John Boehner..... No body dared talk about obama's large ears or his lisp..... Oh the humanity!!!! Smile.. sf
  3. Intolerance from people on the left is very sickening...... And hypocritical too, a real shame in this modern world..... Escape the darkness, there is a bright light shining out there, relax, smile and go find it..... Now back to the subject of enjoying high heels..... Please..... Peace, love, and old volkswagens...... Smile, sf
  4. Get.... Great observation and comment. Thank you..... sf
  5. Have fun in Vietnam....
  6. HeeledSlides..... Thank you for the information about the Berkemann Peggy sandals. A shame they don't make then any more. I will keep looking, and if I have to go to Europe to find a pair I may do exactly that !! Would make for some expensive sandals !!!! We may be traveling to Europe this fall (Germany), while there I will do some shoe shopping and looking... Thank you very much for your advice and help.... sf
  7. Question.... I have always liked the look of the Berkemann Peggy sandals.... Does anyone know of a source for them in the United States?? Or do I have to go to Deutschland for a pair??? sf
  8. It's good to get out, hope you had a nice time.... sf
  9. I thought you folks across the pond were "tolerant?"" Hmmm.... Sorry that happened.... sf
  10. Bienvenidos señor, este lugar es muy bueno por nosotros que gustar llevar tacones. Perdón me español es horrible..... Translation: Welcome sir, this site is very good for us who enjoy wearing high heels.... Excuse me, my spanish is terrible... have fun... sf
  11. RonC..... We must be of similar vintage. I also have fond memories of shopping at Thom McAnn. Remember CH Baker, their brand was Quali Craft I believe? My memories are from the late 60' and early 70's. I still have a pair of CH Baker flat sandals, and wear them occasionally. Ahhh, the good 'ol days.... sf
  12. stallin, castro, mao, pol pot took rights away from their people, millions of innocents paid with their lives..... Think about it..... Now can we just get back to discussing high heels?? All this "tolerance" is getting to be a bit much and frankly quite boring.....
  13. I have written about this elsewhere, but it has been while. I have worn gals shoes (flats) since I was a teen. Wayyyy back in 1996, I was shoe shopping and saw a pair of slip on thong sandals with a kitten style heel. The sandals were my size (11) so I tried them on out of curiosity, I liked what I saw, bought the shoes and was hooked!! The wife was a bit curious about my selection but eventually came to accept the fact that her husband also wears high heels. She is a great gal. I never intended to wear the sandals in private, but was concerned about going out in public. Once I did get out, it really was no big deal.... Since that time long ago, I have gotten many more heeled sandals and wear them proudly, and sometimes I even wear flats..... Below is a pic of my first pair, still have them. Take care... sf
  14. Tolerance gentlemen, tolerance...... sf
  15. The tie thing does not bother me in the least - I don't get hung up on the small stuff, bigger fish to fry ya know.... sf
  16. Funny I don't give it a thought, never have. i wear my high heels and could care less about who the president or prime minister or queen or whoever is...... This is a friendly high heel site, lets leave the politics elsewhere, it's just better that way.... Have fun heeling... sf
  17. They look nice, but for me, the heel is too high. I do like the peep toe look, I have been thinking about looking for a pair of peep toe shoes (most all of my heels are sandals). It's cool that you and your wife heel together. I am very lucky to have a spouse who also is fine with my high heel shoes and we often wear heels together as well !!! It's fun !! Take care... sf
  18. Neither.... Heels way to high for me, but I do like the look of the strappy sandals the best.... sf
  19. interesting article.... shoe science, who woudda known???? sf
  20. Mlroseplant.... You back visiting in Vietnam??? Never been there, but the Viet gals out here in CA wear a lot of really nice looking heeled sandals. I wear heels to the nail salon that me and the wife frequent, all Viet staff there. They are OK with seeing a guy in heels - but I do get some giggles from the younger gals.... We all have a good time.... Take care.... sf
  21. Powerful Man = Powerful Tie No biggie.... sf
  22. Wow.... Hey Jim, even tho it wasn't perfect English, I understood what you meant. I speak Spanish (poorly) as well, but most all Spanish speakers either assist me with the "hard parts" or understand completely.... And when it all over we laugh about it and I consider that I have learned something..... Never too old to learn stuff.... Have fun sf
  23. Mr Cat, Who's taking the pictures?? Nice.... sf
  24. Strange seeing the intolerant comments here (you know who you are). Would not have expected that sort of behavior at a site like this. Make America Great again.....