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Roz's Bulletpoint Bio

Posted by roz, 25 January 2009 · 1,398 views

  • I live in the South East of England with my sister
  • Personally I have 225 shoes, between us we have 350 pairs
  • My job is branding, and as it's office based with the chance to meet clients I always wear heels at work
  • I'm currently building my second shoe room having moved house recently
  • When I moved house, it took two and a half Transit vans to move our shoes (all in thier shoe boxes)
  • My favourite brand is Louboutin; I have ten pairs of Louboutin shoes and boots
  • My favourite style is the Tribute; I have 6 pairs of YSL Tributes
  • My highest heel is 12 inches with a 7 inch platform that I bought for fun
  • Most of my shoes are 6 inches high
  • I'm only small; I'm just under 5'3", 7 stone and have little UK size 5 feet
  • My original home is actually just north of Madrid
  • I'm fluent in Spanish, Italian, Catalan and know a bit of French and Portuguese
  • My sister Caitlynn is a couple of years younger but is also size 5 so we can (and do) share shoes
  • My favourite pair of shoes for special occassions are my Louboutin Anenomie Plumes
  • My favourite pair of shoes for any occassion are my Tribute Pumps
  • I love shoes more for the fashion-element rather than the fetish side of things
  • My favourite brands other than the designer makes are Dune, Office, Aldo, Faith and New Look.
  • I easily spend over £5000 on shoes every year. I have a good job, can share shoes with my sister and have no debts so anything I can spend on shoes I do

Do you have any flat shoes at all?
Hehe, yes I do. Not sure if I should be admitting that here. They're mainly flip flops and stuff like that. I am often barefoot at home, but I normally opt for wedges and stuff like that if I don't fancy heels.
You got an impressive shoe collection Roz :thumbsup:
And you also speak French...Which is a plus :smile:
Thanks :wave:

When you live abroad it's easier to learn other languages. Spanish is my first language, Catalan is spoken in a region in Spain, Italian is similar to Spanish, English I learnt because I moved over here and French I learnt at school. Portuguese I started learning recently just out of curiosity!

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